2019 FMS Events

All AWG C&S Canada MDI FMS

Event Dates City  
Winter Fancy Food Show Jan. 13-19 San Francisco, CA
MDI Show Jan. 15-16 Hickory, NC MDI

Event Dates City  
VMC (Spring) Feb. 5-7 Overland Park, KS AWG
NGA Show Feb. 24-27 San Diego, CA FMS
C&S -Robesonia Feb. 19-20 York, PA C&S 
CHFA West  Feb 22 & 23  Vancouver, BC  Canada
Key Foods Trade Show Feb. 27 Nassau, N.Y.

Event Dates City  
FMS Northeast regional conference Mar. 13 New York, NY FMS
Current IT Trends in Food Retail Mar. 13 New York, NY FMS
Olean Wholesale (Show) Mar. 18-20 Salamanca, N.Y.  Olean 
AWG Showcase Mar. 25-27 Overland Park, KS AWG
C&S Foodshow West Coast Mar 17-19 Reno, NV C&S

Event Dates City  
The Affiliated Foods Amarillo Show Apr.11 Texas
CFIG West  April 23 - 24  Vancouver, BC  Canada
MDI Show Apr. 25 Hickory, NC MDI
SIAL Canada  April 29 - 30 Toronto  Canada

Event Dates City  
FMS West regional conference Jun.13-14 Portland, OR FMS

Event Dates City  
GFIA's 2019 Convention Jul. 17-21 Destin,FL
ECRS Ignite Retail Conference July 29-31 Nashville, TN
MGA Conference  July 29 - 30  MN 
C&S -Robesonia Jul. 30-31 York, PA C&S  
VMC (Fall) Jul. 30-Aug. 1 Overland Park, KS AWG
C&S Food Show (Northeast region) July--TBD Connecticut C&S  

Event Dates City  
AWG Nashville Food Show (Holiday) Aug.7 Nashville, TN AWG
AWG Gulf Coast Food Show (Holiday) Aug.13 Biloxi,MS AWG
AWG Kansas City Food Show (Holiday) Aug.14 Kansas City, MO AWG
AWG Springfield Food Show (Holiday) Aug.20-21 Branson, MO AWG
MDI Show Aug.20-21 Hickory, NC MDI
AWG Memphis Food Show (Holiday) Aug.22 Memphis, TN AWG
The Affiliated Foods Amarillo Show Aug.22 Texas
AWG Great Lakes Food Show (Fall) Aug.28 Tinley Park, IL AWG
C&S Foodshow Aug 11-13  Reno, NV C&S

Event Dates City  
AWG Oklahoma City Food Show (Fall) Sept. 5 Oklahoma City, OK AWG
FMS Southwest regional conference Sept. 12-13 Houston, TX FMS
CHFA East  Sept 14 & 15  Toronto  Canada
ISMC WEST Sept 15 - 20  Santa Helena, CA  
Olean Wholesale Food  show  Sept. 18 Salamonca, N.Y Olean
MGA Conference  Sept 23 - 25 Thompsonville
CGA Symposium  Sept. 29-Oct 1 Palm Springs, CA
Ohio Grocers Assoc.  TBD Columbus, Ohio

Event Dates City  
C&S Tech Show Oct. 1 - 2 Valley Forge, PA  
ISMC EAST Connecticut Food Assoc.  Oct. 6 - 10 Cheshire, CT  
FMS Northeast regional conference Oct. 17-18 Washington DC FMS
FMS Southeast regional conference Oct. 17-18 Ft Lauderdale, FL FMS
CFIG East  Oct 23 - 24  Toronto  Canada
FIANY-Annual Conference Oct.-TBD TBD