Why FMS?

For over 40 years, FMS has provided accounting and consulting services to independent retail grocers just like you. We understand the challenges the industry faces in today's highly competitive market—competition from superstores, changing demographics, and the pressure to keep up with ever-changing technology. We also know the critical role that time plays in your ability to make strategic decisions involving cash, costs, sales, labor, inventory, and shrink. In response to the industry's needs, we developed a way for independent grocers to use today's business activities to drive tomorrow's business decisions. We call it our Decision Support Suite.

A combination of technology and best practices, FMS' Decision Support Suite transforms historic accounting activities into timely, accurate decision support tools. Information from all functions of your operation—billbacks, receiving, merchandising, point-of-sale, human resources, payroll, treasury management, etc.—is captured, organized and managed in one centralized location. Then, when you need to know your cash situation, whether sales are up or down, your labor needs, or your inventory status, you can access this information on a daily basis.

Improve profitability by utilizing critical decision-making tools, including:

  • Snapshots of how yesterday impacts today—view reports on category/department sales, labor costs, cash overages/shortages, and expenses
  • Weekly operational results—monitor performance of each department and store
  • Verification of deposit and payment transactions—access within 48 hours
  • Benchmarking comparisons—graph trends; identify out-of-bounds items; view actual, budgeted and forecasted numbers; compare today or this week to last week or last year

With the FMS Decision Support Suite on your side, your retail grocery operation will be poised to compete like never before.