FMS Billbacks Module

Realize the Income Potential of Billbacks

Often, the volume of billback income can be as great as the grocery store’s net profit. Realize the income potential of billbacks by assuring that all deal monies that are available are accurately billed. The process eliminates human error, assuming the deals are entered correctly, and drastically reduces overhead by eliminating the labor-intensive manual tracking, calculation, and invoicing.

Take the Manual Tracking Out of Billback Management

Record transactions directly into the Billback module when the buyer makes the deal. The system applies periodic wholesaler, POS and/or DSD product movement data to the applicable deals. It matches the product movement with the deal line items, calculates and produces an invoice to send to the supplier. The collection process is monitored through the Accounts Receivable function within the fully automated and integrated FMS Financial Suite of Applications.

FMS automates collection of monies earned through Billback deals

FMS Billback interfaces with all systems where proof of performance occurs...DSD, Point of Sale, and warehouse purchases. The billbacks are tracked, accumulated, and transferred into Accounts Receivable.

Handles multiple types of Billbacks & Transactional Allowance

FMS Billback addresses the most complex, and most common, types of deals by defining items, length of deal, and case allowance. Product movement is recorded and accumulated against the deal and invoices are generated as required.

Cooperative Advertising

Defines a date and billback amount associated with a cooperative ad and automatically generates an invoice when the ad placement is confirmed.

Distributed Advertising

Similar to cooperative advertising except product movement is recorded and accumulated so that the billback income can be earned by store based on product volumes.

Book & Hold

Creates an invoice based on a deal defining anticipated (or committed) product movement and later distributes billback income by store based on actual volumes. Guaranteed cost defines a guaranteed case cost so that any product, which is shipped at a higher cost, results in a billback for the difference.

Zero Value

A dummy deal, which is used to provide a basis for accumulated product movement data. This type of deal does not automatically generate an invoice but is often used to provide historical data for future deal negotiation.

Record Deals as They Happen

Multiple items per deal, multiple deals per vendor, start & stop-date features, deal defaults, and/or item validation by UPC or product code.

Minimize Entry Errors

Item Numbers: Provides item validation during the deal to avoid entry errors that could result in transaction movement mismatches and subsequent under-billing.

Deal Classes: Provides user definable classifications for access and reporting purposes.

Billback Defaults: Timesaver and accuracy feature to establish most commonly used deal characteristics as defaults.

Capture transactions from all sources

The application will accept transaction data from any legitimate source, which provides for the following transaction captures: Wholesale,. POS, DSD, purchase orders, and other manual entry. Allows a simple correction capability to compensate for missed deals and/or for missed transaction data.

Integrate Billbacks with FMS

General Ledger Integration

When the invoice is generated, all corresponding General Ledger data is automatically generated and posted.

Accounts Receivable Integration

Invoices are generated automatically with special payment features such as partial and auto pay support. Open-item and balance forward customers are supported as well as many other features of interest to retail organizations. Deals are linked with corresponding Accounts Recievable and General Ledger data so that a user can navigate seamlessly from one to the other.

On-line Access for Reporting, Look-ups & Drill-downs

FMS Financial Suite of applications are all highly integrated which allows seamless on-line navigation between all modules. Reporting, lookup tables, and data drill-downs are available throughout the application.

Security Functionality

Each add, edit, delete, display or special function is fully securable by user or user group to allow or deny access.