Supermarket Best Practices

FMS Solutions is considered the accounting and financial services expert for the independent retail grocery and independent supermarket industry for benchmarking, best practices, and mission-critical decision support by the National Grocers Association (NGA). As part of FMS Solutions' continued efforts to provide the independent retail grocery and supermarket industry with leading-edge research, strategic consulting, and the accounting tools needed to make timely, accurate, financial decisions, we have compiled a variety of resources reflecting best practices for the independent retail grocery and supermarket industry.

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FMS is proud to present its new retailer toolbox. You may be familiar with the FMS Best Practices, the newsletter, or the benchmarking that FMS provides. As a company, we wanted to provide our customers with one central point to get answers, ideas, and insights into their business and ways to become more profitable. This site will allow you access into our database of information in an easy to use format. Whether you are searching for something specific or just want to browse the site and learn, the new Retailer Toolbox is a great tool.

FMS values our clients and knows that in a down economy, information can add value, but sometimes is very costly. We are happy to provide the retailer toolbox as a free service to our clients. We will be providing you with a password to access the information. As we have just launched the product, we plan to add 2-3 new items each week until complete. At that time we will update articles and add information as it becomes available. So please check back each week as we continue to grow the site!

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In addition to these online resources, FMS also offers on-site consulting for retailers to help learn where stream-line opportunities exist in your back office and where stronger business controls can help you better operate in your stores.

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