Participate in the 2024 NGA/FMS Independent Grocers Financial Study

You are invited to participate in the 2024 NGA FMS Independent Grocers Financial Study.

This year, we’ve streamlined the questionnaire to make it even easier for you to contribute, ensuring that your valuable input is heard without taking too much of your time.

The independent grocery sector faces significant pressures—from rising costs to fierce competition. By joining this study, you’ll not only gain insights into how your store compares within the industry but also contribute to a larger effort that helps all independents strategize and thrive together.

Your participation is essential.

Together, we can strengthen our community and improve our competitive stance in the market. Join us in shaping the future of independent grocery!

How to Participate

To participate, click on the button below. We will send you a customized survey link so you can access the survey at any time without losing work. Complete your questionnaire by Friday, June 21, and that’s it! You will receive free access to the 2024 NGA/FMS Independent Grocer Financial Study as soon as it is available!

If you would like a questionnaire in a Word doc that you can fill out and email back, please complete this form. A questionnaire in a Word file will be sent to you.

Thank You

Thank you for helping shape the future of independent grocers! Your participation is not just a contribution to a study – it’s a step towards strengthening the independent grocery sector as a whole.


2024 Independent Grocer Financial Study