Ft. Lauderdale Florida — Retail Financial Services is joining the FMS Solutions Holdings family of companies.  Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Plymouth Minnesota, RFS provides accounting services, tax preparation and tax planning for over 450 entities with a focus primarily in the retail grocery sector.  RFS is known as the leading provider for income tax planning and consulting in the grocery industry and will be a great addition to our family.

“FMS Solutions is excited to welcome Mark Franklin the founder of Retail Financial Services as well as partners Lance Nieland and Kim Dennstedt who joined the RFS team shortly after its’ founding. We are pleased that Mark and Lance not only trusted FMS to ensure the success of the great business they have created, but also were confident in their decision and reinvested capital into the future of the combined entities.” CEO Robert Graybill of FMS Solutions Holdings LLC.

Lance Nieland brings nearly 20 years of experience in the independent grocery sector.  He is a licensed CPA in Minnesota and holds a Master’s in Business Taxation.  Kim Dennstedt has over 30 years’ experience in the retail grocery accounting industry as well as a master’s degree in Business Taxation. Mark Franklin has been working in the accounting and tax field with grocers for 34 years. Mark is also a Licensed CPA in Minnesota and founded RFS in 2005, Lance and Kim joined the team shortly after.  Mark and Lance have built a tremendously skilled team of 35 members that bring a wide variety of skills to FMS.

“The leadership group at RFS is excited to announce the merging of RFS with FMS. This will allow RFS and FMS to expand its Merger & Acquisition, Fractional CFO and tax planning to a larger group of independent retailers. In addition, the FMS and RFS teams have an expanded career path opportunities in the area of Income Tax, Advisory Services, IT Services and General Ledger Accounting for the many great employees.”- Mark Franklin Founder of RFS