Conference Sessions

Latest System Enhancements

Join us to see what’s new with our systems. We’ll show you how our latest updates, including the Workhappy employee management app and the new GOT portal can help simplify your daily operations.

2024 Financial Study Highlights

How does your store stack up against the competition? We’ll review the 2024 Independent Grocers Financial Study’s highlights, providing you with practical benchmarks and insights to help gauge and improve your store’s performance.

Compensation & Benefits Trends

Understanding current compensation trends is key in today’s market. We’ll discuss our latest Compensation & Benefits Study, offering insights into wage trends and how you can use this information to attract and keep top talent in your store.

GOT Systems Updates

Discover the latest enhancements to GOT Systems. This session will cover new features and updates that can help you manage your grocery business more efficiently and stay ahead of the curve in retail technology.

End-User Training

Get hands-on with our end-user training session designed to boost your proficiency with FMS systems. Whether you’re a new user or looking to refine your skills, this session will provide practical tips and guidance to maximize the effectiveness of your tools and software.

Tax Planning

Stay ahead of the tax curve with strategic insights that can save you money. This session will cover key tax planning strategies tailored for the grocery industry, helping you understand how to navigate complex tax regulations and optimize your financial outcomes.

Succession Planning

Meet Carey Berger, who brings a wealth of experience from his background in business law, specifically in succession and estate planning for family-owned businesses. He’ll share insights from his 30 years in the field, helping you understand the nuances of preparing your grocery business for future transitions.

Mastering Shrink Control

Year after year, shrink management proves to be the key factor distinguishing the industry’s top performers. Join us to discover tools that can help you effectively manage shrink and improve your store’s profitability.

Detailed Conference Agenda