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  • Labor Management

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  • Comprehensive Accounting

  • Tax Management and Planning

  • Profit Enhancing Inventory Technology

  • BPO and Document Imaging

  • Payroll

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FMS is Focused on Solutions for Success

Headquartered in Ft Lauderdale Florida, with offices across North America, FMS has been taking businesses from ordinary to extraordinary.  You know your business and we know how to help you jump into the profit leader category.  Don’t let our size scare you off, we have grown because of our reputation and desire to help privately held companies be their best.  Our clients range from $1M in annual revenues to $1billion dollars.  Our goal is to give you back your time to run the parts of your business that matter while having a software and or financial expert by your side for whatever you need.  Don’t be part of the pack, be a profit leader.

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