Supermarket Benchmarking

Do you ever wonder how your store or stores stack up against similar grocery retailers in the industry? Do you wish you had tangible grocery benchmarks for holding your managers accountable?

With rising costs and the competition stiffening, it is more important than ever to know where your store stands. FMS provides valuable insight for supermarket benchmarking and independent grocer benchmarking through the Independent Grocers Financial Survey - an unprecedented, collaborative effort between FMS Solutions, the National Grocers Association (N.G.A.), and the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers(CFIG). The Independent Grocers Financial Survey shows how your grocery store or supermarket stacks up. Results are broken down by department and average weekly sales volume to help you better benchmark your grocery operation. This kind of grocery benchmarking is a valuable tool that not only looks at the operation , but also at economic factors and key political issues impacting your business.

The Independent Grocers Financial Survey represents one of the most powerful, objective benchmarking tools available for members of the independent retail grocery industry to improve business performance in a changing - and challenging - marketplace. An exhaustive analysis based on survey responses from retailers of all sizes and formats, it covers industry-wide trends in key issues such as profitability, consumer attitudes and influences, and cost pressures.

The Independent Grocers Financial Survey will give you a yardstick for measuring exactly how your operations should be performing. FMS Solutions can then help you turn this insight into action. For over 40 years, we have helped independent retail grocers and independent supermarkets succeed by transforming historic accounting and financial activities into timely, accurate decision support tools. With our expertise, you can get answers to your most pressing business concerns and improve your bottom-line performance.

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