Profit Enhancing Inventory Technology

Our smart technology for store inventory encompasses all aspects of inventory and margin optimization.

Every year the FMS NGA Independent Grocers Study shows that a key to being in the top 25% for profit is driven by only a few distinguishing factors. One key factor is shrink control. G.O.T. Systems offers solutions to solve various challenges faced by independent grocers.

Shrink Tracking


Electronic Grind Log


Product Mix Optimization



• Shrink tracking for all products in the store
• Captures user, UPC/PLU, reason, amount, date/time and more.
• Categorizes shrink by reason, by department, and more for analytics.
• Daily and weekly reporting of shrink by department, reason, UPC or PLU
• Measures effectiveness of the store’s markdown program
• Includes departmental and store transfer tracking as well as recording waste


• Generates labels on demand so stores can sell product at a reduced price
• Tamper resistant label design
• Markdowns for all departments
• Customizable markdown rules by department, UPC or PLU
• Categorizes markdowns by short-dated/out-of­-date, damaged, discontinued, end of season, and more
• Daily and weekly reporting of markdowns and associated shrink by department, reason, UPC or PLU, electronic data feeds available
• Measures effectiveness of the store’s markdown program


Ordify is a GOT Systems product that helps you identify price increases and deals to help you take advantage of when to order and help you boost your margins by buying for less.  This is simple to use and will pay for every aspect of the GOT system and leave more dollars in your bank account.

Grind Logs


G.O.T. has the best tool on the market to quickly and easily capture information to meet USDA/FSIS grind log regulations. We make this process efficient and painless, backup your data, and provide all hardware and software for one low weekly fee. BONUS: the system allows you to quickly and accurately do a physical inventory of your fresh meat coolers, making it easier for you to manage your product orders and rotation.

Protect Your Customers and Protect Your Company

• Meets all Government requirements
• Has been in business 30 years
• G.O.T Processes orders for hundreds of independent retailers
• Uses existing internet connection
• Used by over 5000 Meat Cutters
• Live US Support
• No Contracts to Sign
• Email Reporting
• Records always available in case of audit

Product Mix Optimization


G.O.T.’s newest Product Mix Optimization tool lets you quickly see the products you carry and what is available from your primary warehouse. Armed with the best information, you can make the best choices about what products to carry and which ones to not carry.

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