Leadership Team

Brian Kilinc, CIO

Brian Kilinc started his career by developing business applications on IBM systems some 30+ years back. Lots of things have changed since those early days including amazing progress in computers, processors, programming languages, operating systems, networks, database managements systems, and so much more, and he feels lucky to have experienced that entire evolution as it was happening. He also has firsthand experience in the full hierarchy of technology organizations as his career progressed and has seen the transformation of technology organizations and software development processes. Although his career advanced on technology management, he has stayed technology focused and still considers himself a techie. During his career, he has worked for various organizations in different fields from manufacturing to financial services to payments ecosystem. “FMS offered a great opportunity that allows me to use all of technical and industry expertise I have and create solutions that actually make a difference for our customers”. During Brian’s tenure at FMS, he has helped develop new products and technology offerings that allowed FMS serve its customers better. “My mission is to create solutions for our customers that leverage technology at scale and level set the competitive playing field for independent retail and service companies”

Computer Engineering Bosphorus University in Istanbul and MBA Georgia State University