Leadership Team

Robert Graybill, CEO

Robert Graybill started his career at Frankfort meat market at the age of 14 working in the deli.  Over the next few years, he learned cutting skills as an apprentice meat cutter before the store was sold.  At that time Robert went to work as a meat cutter while in college with A&P’s Super*Fresh.  Nearing graduation, Robert looked to use his accounting degree and was seeking employment with an accounting firm.  At that time, A&P approached him about an accounting position in their regional office serving the mid-atlantic and south central regions.  From here, his experience and learning launched to new levels.  Robert quickly moved from accounting to warehousing, then to MIS (IT), then to director of Pricing, finally returning to the accounting and finance as a director.  During his tenure, he had the opportunity to work on the financial plan of the company and get exposure to real estate, operations, construction and store maintenance.   FMS was the perfect home for Robert after his many experiences in the grocery industry.  “FMS was a dream opportunity as it offered me a chance to use the knowledge and skills I had built in the industry while giving me the opportunity to serve families that truly cared about the results, vs quarterly earnings for the markets.”  During Roberts tenure at FMS, he acquired the business and began expanding the business internationally and with new service and technology offerings.   “I continue to look for ways we can do better and create more offerings for our clients to enhance their profitability and sustainability as a family business. I am proud to support family-owned retail and service companies and love to see success stories of generational growth”

Executive MBA Loyola University of Maryland